Fibre Fluff Cotton (10grams)

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10 grams of the finest vaping cotton.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I posted this morning that I was expecting a delivery of fibre fluff, for anyone not sure about what it is or how good it is I’m gonna do little write up here for anyone interested on my thoughts for this product.

    So I’ve been seeing a lot of good things said about fibre fluff since it’s release and I’ve been dying to get my hands on it but managed to forget it on my last order since I decided I’d take the plunge.

    First of all it’s not like regular cotton, it literally is cotton fibres. millions and millions of little fibres nested together very neatly and in one direction which I guess gives it the ability to not just soak up juice but let it flow more efficiently into your coils.

    Secondly I had to do two builds with it this afternoon. the first one was a bit half arsed to be fair as I did a dry burn on my old coils and rewicked a little on the heavy side and while it flowed nicely and was quite forgiving I wasn’t impressed overall with the quality of the vape. That’s when I decided if I was going to make judgement on this I was going to do it properly.

    So I took my tank apart and gave it a thorough clean, which I usually do once a week anyway. The second time I was going at this methodically. My first wicking job I realised that this fluff in it’s long strands was actually thicker than it looked so this time I decided to cut myself a nice long piece, straighten it out and carefully cut it down the middle as evenly as I could. There you go! Bang on the right size with a little twisting to fill a 3mm ID coil! Gave it a little juice, popped my tank back together and filled it. I immediately got a leak! which after a few seconds I discovered was because part of my tank wasn’t screwed down tight enough so no vacuum formed and it pissed all over my nice new RX gen 3. From this point on I can tell you after getting through a whole tank of juice in just over an hour, the flavour has been phenomenal! I am blown away by just how clean this cotton is and how well it appears to be carrying on doing it’s job and wicking even through 100w constant vaping. Not a dry hit yet..

    And what I feel makes this little story even more impressive is this. my tank of choice is a griffin 25 plus.. a tank that is known worldwide for pissing out of every orifice. What a fantastic product you have here Bobby. For anyone thinking of making the leap, do it. You won’t be disappointed. Less does seem to be more with this cotton but as long as you go by the rule that one strand or rope of this stuff sliced evenly down the centre will perfectly fill 3mm coils you can’t go wrong.

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